1 hour after being sprayed

This is what you can expect your new lawn
to look like after we have prepared and
sprayed the hydroseeded mixture on. 


Growth after 12 days

This is what you can expect your lawn to look
like after approx 12 days growth (depending
on season, and after care being followed).


Growth after 3 weeks

This is what you can expect your lawn to look
like after 3 weeks growth (depending on
season), ready for its first mow. 


A Good Turf Co. Specialising in hydroseeding, lawn care and installation

As a family owned and operated business we specialise in hydroseeding, erosion control, and lawn installation. We create the highest quality hydroseeded lawns as well as offering ground / site preparation, erosion control, and additional excavation services.

Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a mixture of water, seed, fertilizer and mulch onto the ground under high pressure. The mulch helps bond the seed to the soil preventing erosion by wind and light rain as well as offering some protection from birds. It provides an ideal environment for seed germination and the establishment of lush dense grass, while the fertiliser helps give the germinating seed a boost.  With sufficient watering seed germination can be achieved in just 3-5 days, whilst a fully established lawn is guaranteed in approximately three weeks - provided our care and maintenance plan is followed.

We have been providing Auckland and the greater Auckland area with beautiful, healthy looking lawns for years and use only the best products - a wood fibre mulch, 100% certified seed and premium starter fertiliser. There are many benefits to choosing to have your new lawn hydroseeded. Our hydroseeding process provides the seed the best opportunity to grow by keeping moisture near the seed. Thus it grows much faster than the old fashioned dry seeding method. When comparing hydroseeding to instant turf / ready lawn, hydroseeding can be applied quicker, growth is more even, and offers moisture to the seed, thus less likely to dry out.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that only the highest quality product is used for our hydroseeding process. Our aim is for no call backs! When we complete the job we ensure you fully understand the care and maintenance instructions to follow for a successful result. If your lawn does not establish properly within 30 days because of product or workmanship, those areas of the lawn that are not growing will be re-seeded at no charge. Our mix is formulated to produce a nice healthy lawn which will usually be evident within 30 days from spraying. After we leave, the success of your new lawn is in your hands - we are always just a phone call away for any advice.

There are many variables that can affect the growth of a new lawn which are out of our control and not covered by our guarantee. We are not responsible for acts of God, diseases, vandalism, or anything else beyond our control such as drought, torrential rain, and other weather related conditions. Do not despair - if you are affected by any of these unfortunate circumstances we will re-seed the affected areas at a discounted rate for you.

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Cam did a fantastic job on smoothing out and re-seeding our lawn. The end result far exceeded our expectations.

Maria & Dean - Browns Bay