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After Care and Maintenance

Whilst our Hydroseeding system makes establishing your lawn a lot easier and more reliable than conventional methods, there remains some ongoing care that you need to follow to ensure the seed germinates and continues to grow into a lush new lawn.

You will need to ensure your lawn is kept moist at all times using frequent sprinkling, preferably morning and evening (depending on rainfall and time of season). It is easy to see where watering is needed as the mulch will appear drier and lighter in colour when watering is necessary.

You should water your lawn in the early morning and early evening when the sunlight cannot cause excessive evaporation. Allow the water to soak into the soil about 150mm to promote good root growth, do not allow the water to “pool” in any area.
The first 3 weeks are vitally important as the germinating seedlings cannot be allowed to dry out or they will die.

Let your grass grow to 100 – 120mm (4 – 5inches) or just before it starts to fall over on itself. On your first cut only take 25mm (1 inch) off, so just a light trim. Next cut (once the previous inch has grown back) take 75mm or so and progressively down to no less than 25mm ( 1 inch ). Never remove more than the top 1/3 of the grass blade. Do not use a mulching mower until the lawn has been mowed 5-6 times with a conventional mower.

Your Hydroseeded lawn comes with added slow release fertiliser. Every new lawn is extremely hungry for nutrients when it is growing and establishing, so around 2 weeks it will need another good dressing of a Nitrogen rich lawn fertiliser, which includes most well known lawn fertiliser brands.

Keep this up every month in the Spring and Autumn growing seasons and maybe once or twice through summer and once in winter.

A healthy well watered and well fertilised lawn will promote healthy grass which leaves weeds little chance of getting established.
When weeds or diseases do get a hold from wind or bird distribution it will need to be treated with a herbicide, fungicide or pesticide as recommended by your lawn care professional or garden centre.

Under watering – means your grass will die or struggle.
Over watering – will rot your grass and promote moss and disease.
Cutting the grass too low – will kill the grass and promote the weeds.

While the after care and maintenance instructions provided above are relatively straight forward to follow we do always recommend the most effective way to get a great lawn is to invest in an after care and maintenance plan. Why not have a professional keeping an eye on your lawn in the early stages when your lawn is at its most vulnerable. We are only too happy to recommend a lawn care and maintenance professional in your area so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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