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I have dead patches on my lawn from where my dog has peed, any suggestions on how to fix this?
This is actually a very common problem and I have been told that you can remedy this by mixing 1 cap full of vinegar to 10 litres of the dogs drinking water. It works by changing the balance of the dog pee, therefore reducing or even completely eradicating the grass kill problem.

Why is my lawn patchy in some areas and growing really well in others?
Not all seeds will strike at the same time, therefore you may see some areas growing quicker than others. You will only notice patchiness as your lawn is establishing and after the first mow you will notice the patchiness fading. Keeping up to date with fertiliser treatments will also help.

How long does it take my new lawn to grow?
It depends on the season. In Spring / Summer you will see growth around 10 days with a lush lawn in approximately 3 weeks – provided our after care and maintenance instructions have been followed. In Autumn / Winter it takes slightly longer with growth around 3 weeks and a lush lawn in approx 4 – 6 weeks.
It is essential to follow our care and maintenance guidelines in order to give your new lawn the best opportunity to establish well. After care and maintenance packages are available from a landscaping professional in your area or by referral from us – with a range of options to suit any budget.

How often do I have to water my new lawn?
The first 3 weeks are vitally important for the growth and establishment of your new lawn and the seed cannot be left to dry out. Frequent sprinkling, preferably morning and evening is best and it is easy to see where watering is needed as the mulch will appear lighter in colour. Irrigation and sprinkling systems are recommended over hand watering as the distribution of water will be more even and you can have these set to a timer.
The amount of watering needed will differ in warmer months vs cooler months – some things to consider are weather, humidity, rainfall, etc – however the presence of the mulch helps to make it easy to distinguish whether your lawn needs more watering or not.

How often should I fertilise my new lawn?
Our hydroseeding mixture includes a slow release starter fertiliser however every new lawn is extremely hungry for nutrients when it is growing and establishing, so around 2 weeks it will need another good dressing of a Nitrogen rich lawn fertiliser. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how much fertiliser to use so you do not over fertilise the area. Too much fertiliser may lead to burn spots on the grass which in turn may actually hinder the growth of your lawn rather than help it.

When can I walk on my new lawn?
Like any new lawn (whether hydroseeded, dry seeded or ready lawn), we recommend not walking on or using your new lawn until fully established. The seed needs time to establish and disturbances such as walking on it or letting pets on it will hinder the growing process.

We suggest fencing off the newly hydroseeded area for at least a 6 week period if possible before allowing children or pets on it. If you are able to mow your lawn once or twice before using the area it will give your new lawn the best opportunity to establish itself. It is important to remember that a new lawn is softer and more delicate than an established lawn and will harden and toughen up over time.

Why should I pay someone to look after my lawn when I can do it myself and save my money?
While our after care and maintenance instructions give you a good overview of how to look after your new lawn there really is no comparison to having a professional keeping an eye on it. Your new lawn is much softer and delicate than an established lawn and therefore it is more vulnerable to disease while in its initial growing phase and establishment period.

Having a professional looking after your lawn means you can ensure that your lawn gets fertilised at the correct time with the correct dose as well as getting any other important treatments in a timely manner such as weed or disease treatments (if necessary). In general we find that a little bit more of an investment in the start up phase means a better overall result for years to come – with different options available it also means there is a care plan to suit most budgets.

Why doesn’t A Good Turf Co offer care and maintenance plans of their own?
We believe that it is better to stick with what we know and what we are good at. We want to provide the best service we possibly can for our clients and we feel the best way to do this is to specialise in the one area – Hydroseeding – and refer our clients onto trusted experts that can look after your lawn with confidence. Whether it be a lawn care and maintenance plan you are after or something more in depth such as irrigation systems, we are only too happy to refer you on to one of the trusted professionals we have worked with for many years.