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What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a mixture of water, seed, fertilizer and mulch onto the ground under high pressure. The mulch helps bond the seed to the soil preventing erosion by wind and rain as well as offering some protection from birds. It also provides an ideal environment for seed germination and the establishment of lush dense grass, while the fertisliser helps give the germinating seed a boost.

There are many benefits to choosing to have your new lawn hydroseeded. Our hydro-seeding process provides the seed the best opportunity to grow by keeping moisture near the seed. Thus it grows much faster than the old fashioned dry seeding method. When comparing hydroseeding to ready lawn, hydroseeding is applied quicker, growth is more even, and offers mositure to the seed, thus less likely to dry out.

Other terms for hydroseeding include: Spray on Lawn, Hydro-Lawn, Hydro-seeding, Erosion Control, Hydromulching.

Hyrdoseeding Lawns